What is Dolphin?

Dolphin is a GameCube and Wii emulator with high compatibility across the majority of titles for both platforms. It was first developed as closed source in 2003, and as open source since 2008.

What is Dolphin's License?

When Dolphin went open-source in 2008, it was released under the GPLv2 license. However it has since been relicensed to GPLv2+. According to the license, you may use Dolphin and its source code for any purpose, but distributing Dolphin requires that the source code be released and attribution given. For more details, see the license document.

Who Made Dolphin?

Over 200 people have worked hard over the years to create Dolphin. The list of contributors can be found on GitHub.

Dolphin is not affiliated with Nintendo in any way.

Koji operacijski sustavi su podržani?

Dolphin is a cross-platform emulator that runs on Windows (7 SP1 and newer), Linux, and macOS (10.10 Yosemite and up). For their ease of use and additional graphics backend options, Windows is generally recommended for most users. Other Unix-like systems (such as FreeBSD) may work but are not officially supported. Operating systems are required to be 64-bit to run Dolphin.

As well, Dolphin runs on Android 5.0 and up on 64-bit Android devices. The Android version of Dolphin is in alpha and should not be expected to work as well as the PC counterpart.

Koji se procesor preporučuje?

Dolphin is a dual core application that relies upon IPC (Instructions Per Clock) and clockspeed for performance. Additional cores will not make Dolphin go any faster, though an "extra" core that Dolphin isn’t using may help slightly by keeping background tasks from using the same cores as Dolphin.

Accordingly, the perfect CPU for Dolphin has high IPC, a high clock rate, and four cores or more. With four cores, Dolphin has two cores for the main emulation threads, a third core for other tasks, and another core for the operating system and background tasks to run without taking resources from the emulator.

  • Intel: For the most part, newer is better when it comes to Intel processors. Within a single generation of processors, the difference between i5 and i7 (hyperthreading/extra core counts) don't affect Dolphin very much. Newer generations will give higher performance per clock, and K series processors will allow for overclocking to gain extra performance. Be wary of U and Y series processors, as their reduced clockspeeds often struggle with Dolphin's workload.

  • AMD: Dolphin's workload didn't match the strengths of AMD processors until the Ryzen line. As such, we can only recommend Ryzen or newer for Dolphin among AMD's line of processors.

For more details, such as specific CPU recommendations, CPU comparisons, or what hardware you should purchase to get playable speeds on a specific game, please ask on our Hardware Forum before purchasing.

Note: For more information regarding CPU performance, please check out this handy benchmark that contains results from tons of users. It's important to remember that Dolphin is a console emulator with tons of optimizations and features. But, in the end, it does what the game instructs it to do. Some games only use features that are easy to emulate, and thus will run full-speed on just about any computer that supports Dolphin. Meanwhile, others struggle to run full speed at all times on even the most powerful of processors.

Koja se grafička preporučuje?

Choosing a GPU for Dolphin is a fairly simple task. The more powerful the graphics card, the more pixels and enhancements you can throw at it before you’ll see slowdown. However, the biggest thing to watch for is making sure the GPU supports DirectX11.1 and OpenGL 4.4. Dolphin emulates a console that functions very differently from a traditional PC, and uses the latest D3D and OGL features to reduce overhead. If you do not have those extensions, performance will suffer.

  • NVIDIA: Any modern mid-range or better NVIDIA GPU will be able to play Dolphin in HD resolutions with Ubershaders quite well. Old (6+ years) and/or low end GPUs may struggle, and are not recommended.

  • AMD: Any modern mid-range or better AMD GPU will perform well in Dolphin with Ubershaders. AMD generally favors D3D over OpenGL, so we recommend D3D for these GPUs. Old (6+ years) and/or low end GPUs may struggle, and are not recommended.

  • Intel: Iris Pro iGPUs will handle Dolphin well in D3D in Windows, though there are driver issues with the other graphics backends on that OS. A full fledged discrete graphics card is still highly recommended. IGPs older than the HD4000 are not supported.

Koliko RAM memorije trebam za igranje?

Preporučeno je 2GB ili više. Brzina radne memorije obično nema utjecaj na brzinu emulacije.

Koju verziju Dolphina da preuzmem?

The latest stable version of Dolphin is a good choice to start with: it works with a lot of games and is well tested. Development versions have the latest fixes and optimizations, but their constantly changing nature means that little testing has been done on them and unknown bugs may appear.

Our buildbot provides each revision of Dolphin in four variants on the main site:

  • Windows x64 for 64-bit Windows operating systems
  • macOS for 64-bit macOS computers
  • Android APKs for 64-bit Android

We no longer distribute Linux builds on our website, requiring users to build from source. Please see our Building Dolphin on Linux guide for instructions.

Dolphin does not support 32-bit operating systems. To check if your version of Windows is compatible with 64-bit applications, open the Start Menu, right click on Computer and select the Properties option. A window should appear, showing "64-bit operating system" as the System type if your Windows version can run Dolphin x64. If you are running a 32-bit operating system, you should upgrade to a 64-bit version to better utilize the abilities of your hardware.

On Android, Dolphin also requires 64-bit (ARMv8 AArch64). To see if your Android phone has the necessary requirements, simply run the APK, and Dolphin will alert you.

Do note that sometimes the buildbot is not always around for a build, and various revisions may not have built correctly for all OSes. If this occurs, it will be fixed in a short time.

"This program can't start because MSVCP140.dll is missing"

Dolphin now uses Visual Studio C++ 2015 for Windows compiling, Windows users must have the 64-bit Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 installed in order to use development builds. The runtime has a minimum system requirement of Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7 SP1.

Also, remember to extract Dolphin's files from the archive to a folder on your computer instead of running Dolphin directly from inside the archive.

"Aplikacije se nije uspjela pokrenuti jer XINPUT1_3.dll nije pronađen"

You need to install the latest DirectX runtime from Microsoft or make sure you have the latest Xbox 360 Controller Drivers installed.

"Aplikacije se nije uspjela pokrenuti (0xc000007b)"

Ova pogreška se većinom javlja kad pokušavate pokrenuti Dolphin x64 verziju, dok x86 verzija radi bez problema. Kada ljudi dobiju jednu od poruka o nedostatku vcomp100.dll ili xinput1_3.dll često preuzmu te 32-bitne datoteke umjesto 64-bitnih te očekuju da one rade sa 64-bitnim aplikacijama.

Ako imate ovaj problem, izbrišite sve ručno preuzete DLL datoteke sa vašeg sustava uključujući i one u Dolphin direktoriju te ih ponovno instalirajte koristeći valjane verzije. Za više informacija pogledajte dva pitanja iznad.

Moj Laptop / nova grafička su sporiji nego što bi trebali biti.

Laptops and modern GPUs use a variety of tricks to reduce their power consumption and overall temperature. Underclocking, reducing voltages, using integrated instead of discrete graphics, etc. Sometimes these tricks get in the way of Dolphin, and the system needs a little help to use it's maximum capabilities with the emulator. Use the links below for assistance.

Postavio sam tipke za drugi GC pad ali one ne rade

Pobrinite se da je emulirani GameCube Port 2 postavljen kao Standardni Kontroler u Dolphin/Konfiguracija/Gamecube. Ako to nije upalilo provjerite da li vaša igra podržava dva GameCube kontrolera.

How can I use my PS3 or PS4 wireless controller with Dolphin?

Install the ScpToolkit driver package to get Windows to recognize your controller as a bluetooth device, or to connect a PS3 controller to your system. They can then be used in the Dolphin GCPad and Emulated Wiimote configuration.

My audio is stuttering!

Sometimes when you're running a game you may run into occasions where Dolphin is unable to run full-speed. Because the emulated console isn't running full-speed, it doesn't output as much audio as Dolphin needs. As such there end up being gaps in the audio, commonly referred to as audio stuttering by users.

This is not actually an audio issue, but a performance issue. Audio stuttering can be avoided by running Dolphin full-speed, or, in the latest development builds, activating time-stretched audio. Time-stretched audio will "stretch" the currently output audio over the gaps, allowing the game to sound more natural at the cost of some audio latency.

Game "X" does not run correctly

Even with a decade of work, Dolphin isn't a perfect emulator. This means you may encounter various issues that range from minor sound or graphics defects to game breaking errors and crashes. In order to provide users with as much information as possible, the Dolphin website hosts a wiki with thousands of pages dedicated to games and various features of the emulator. Game Specific pages often list problems a game has, solutions, and what settings are needed to make it run as accurately as possible.

If you find a bug in a game that isn't listed on the Wiki, please checkout the issue tracker and see if it is reported there. If it isn't, feel free to report the bug you found so that the developers are aware of the issue. Be aware, one of the rules you must follow before reporting an issue is make sure the issue isn't already fixed on the latest development version.

Dolphin speeds up when I open the graphics menu?

Dolphin is configured to run as fast as possible by default. However, for some games, that will cause a lot of problems, and they need more accurate and more demanding settings to run properly. For user convenience, many games have had these settings preconfigured in the "GameINI", a file with custom settings for each game.

By opening the graphics menu, you are overriding the GameINI default settings and instead using the settings within the graphics menu, which will be the global defaults or whatever you last set them to. If you are playing a game that needs accurate but demanding settings, opening the graphics menu will disable those settings and result in a speed up. However, you will then be subject to the glitches and problems the GameINI settings were protecting you from.

See the Dolphin Wiki for details on what games needs which settings to run correctly and why.

Kako da napravim vlastitu verziju Dolphina na svome kompjuteru?

The build instructions are available on GitHub:

Koji je najbolji način da pratim napredak razvoja?

Builds are compiled for every development version of Dolphin and are available on the download page.

All of the Git commits are also available on GitHub where you can comment on changes and view new pull requests to get a jump on upcoming features.

Imam ideju za poboljšanje Dolphina! Kako i kome da je pokažem?

Većina Dolphin razvijača čitaju "Development rasprava" forum. Objavljivanje teme tamo bi bila dobra ideja ako hoćete podršku i pomoć od razvijača ali od od korisnika.

Razvijači Dolphina također komuniciraju putem IRC, koji je puno bolji za trenutnu komunikaciju od foruma. Pridružite nam se na #dolphin-emu @ irc.freenode.net`.

Čak i ako je vaša ideja dobra to ne mora značiti da će razvijači imati vremena da provedu sve ideje korisnika. Provedbom prvih koraka vlastite ideje je dobar način da im privučete pažnju.

Ne bi li Dolphin mogao koristiti više jezgri procesora da radi brže?

Procesori ne funkcioniraju na taj način.

Svaka jezgra procesora radi paralelno. Dva zadatka mogu savršeno raditi paralelno ako ne moraju komunicirati te ako ne moraju raditi u istoj brzini. Na primjer, komprimiranje datoteka se može izvršavati na više jezgri zato što komprimiranje jedne datoteke i komprimiranje druge ne zahtijeva komunikaciju te dvije operacije odnosno svaki zadatak je samostalan.

U Doplhin-u jedini zahtjevni zadaci koji dobro rade paralelno su CPU-procesor, GPU-grafički procesor i DSP-obrada zvuka. Rastavljanjem bilo kojeg od tih zadataka u manje zadatke tako da mogu raditi na više jezgri će vrlo vjerovatno uzrokovati usporenje emulacije. Zato Dolphin može raditi samo na 3 jezgre te ne može koristiti 4,5,6 ili više jezgri.

Zašto mi je potreban tako jak kompjuter da emuliram tako staru konzolu?

Istina je da je Wii i GameCube hardver puno slabiji od hardvera koji trebate za Dolphin, no taj hardver se i uvelike razlikuje od hardvera u računalu. Na primjer:

  • Umjesto Intel ili AMD x86 procesora, GameCube i Wii koriste IBM PowerPC procesor. Sve igre su programirane za ovaj procesor: emulacija i najmanje instrukcije se treba prevesti u kod kojeg računalo razumije. Zaviseći od instrukcija potreban vam je procesor 2x do 100x brži od originalnoga, te to objašnjava zašto trebate procesor brži od 486MHz za emulaciju GameCube igri.

  • RAM u ovim konzolama je SRAM, manji ali brži od SDRAM koji se koristi u računalu. On se dijeli i sa procesorom i sa grafičkom što kod računala nije slučaj.

  • Grafički procesor ne koristi shadere: svaki grafički efekt i izračun izvršen u igri je obrađen direktno od hardvera bez posrednog programskog jezika. To nije slučaj kod računala. Dolphin koristi shadere na grafičkom procesoru računala da bi preveo ono što grafički procesor u konzoli ne mora (usporava emulaciju).

  • Računalo koristi operativni sistem kao posrednik između hardvera i rezultata obrade. GameCube i Wii nemaju posrednika te su njihovi izračuni direktno vezani za hardver (zbog toga su im izračuni puno brži)

Lista nije iscrpna ali bi vam trebala dati osnovnu ideju zašto emulacija zahtijeva tako jako računalo.

Gdje mogu preuzeti ISO/ROM igrica?

Kratki odgovor: Ne možete. Kupite igru i dumpajte ju sa Wii konzolom.

Dugi odgovor: Skidanje komercijalnih igrica je ilegalno te ono jako naljuti Dolphin razvijače. No ipak postoje sive zone npr. možete skinuti igrice koje ste već ranije kupili. I nije potrebno imati vlastiti Wii jer igre možete dumpati koristeći prijateljev Wii no dumpanje prijateljeve igre se smatra ilegalnim.

Za dumpanje igri koristeći Wii konzolu trebati ćete instalirati homebrew channel i instalirati aplikaciju kao CleanRip.

Koji dump formati su podržani?

Dolphin podržava igranje na sljedećim formatima dumpa:

  • GCM/ISO (dekomprimirani dumpovi, trebaju biti 1.4GB za GameCube igre i 4.7GB za Wii igre
  • GCZ (možete koristiti Dolphin za komprimiranje igri u ovaj format)
  • CISO
  • WBFS (nije podržan u Dolphin verziji 3.0 i ranijim)

Uzmite u obzir da se WBFS i CISO formati temelje na zaboravljivoj ili lossy kompresiji odnosno oni izbrišu neke nepotrebne podatke da bi se smanjila veličina datoteke. Ako imate probleme sa ovim formatima koristite GCM/ISO umjesto njih.